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So, I have to memorize a song for an audition tomorrow. I am terrified. I haven't been in a play or any drama related activity in quite a while, and I'm scared that I will screw up or my voice will crack or a piano will fall on me... the possiblities are endless. I will be singing *officially (since I change my mind a lot)* on "Send In The Clowns" from A Little Night Music. As boring of a song it is, I must. I went to see Alice in Wonderland yesterday with Tessa & friends, and I say: "Goooooood movie! But, why is a raven like a writing desk?" I also met Jacob (again, for the first time was a fail on my part). He is RADICAL. He is also the RENAGADE JOG guy... Thanks and goodnight.

SOooo.. Wonderland, anyone?

Hey, sooo... advice? Horrible subject, I know.
But, we all need it. Even if we don't want to hear what the other person has to say.
Well, instead of asking your BFF(*FOOR LIFEZ OMG)[who will probably go behind your back anyway] YOU can ASK...
*link below* (you should click it, you know you want too)

OH! wait.
Before you clicky click away at mr.link, remember too email your problem, question, dilemma, issue, political stand point, topic of cool discussion, anything you think Alice should respond her opinion too. The email is... askaliceblog@hotmail.com