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You're a 6, She's a 10. Oh, and she's a fucking zombie.

Everything has been building to this moment. Are you scared? Afraid?
The sleek sweat clams your tight grip and your hair sticks to your face.
You smile. She smiles. And then the expression on her face turns cold. Dead cold.
She's a zombie and you're just a horny boy.

So, like any other teenage boy, you live for sex (or well the wanting to have sex). But, see, in order for you to get what you want, you need a girl. And that's when everything fucks you over.
Okay, so I may be stereotyping a bit here, you guys aren't all that bad, but you can't deny that to some extent it's true.
So what now? She was the perfect girl, had everything imaginable. The perfect skin, frail, sweet, big boobs.. and now she's a zombie. Are you going to bitch and moan about it? Or are you going to run your ass off and buy a gun? It's your move, dude. And by the way her eyes are rolled back and that blood spewing from her mouth, I'd say it's not the time to philosophize.

ha. this blog makes me want ice cream.
...and a gun.