I Have to much free time...

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You don't know. You just don't know.
So far, I don't really like this week at all... which isn't really a good thing since it's already thursday pretty much.
So I found a deck of cards under my bed... so I've been card tossing into my landry basket and watching The Office for quite sometime. Once again, I feel like a lardass, and am just *BLAH SHOOT ME* [enter bullet through skull here]
David's jacket = best source of warmth :)
I'm mad. And well, the fact that I'm hungry isn't helping.

I couldn't stand the sight of it.
It's white feather-like fur, red glaring eyes. Pulsing eyes. I-I-I...

Nope. Fuck this.
I dont feel like writing, or drawing. WOW. That just cut out everything I'm "good" at. RAA...

heres a song.

the blue haze of the timely setting sun
we watch in drunken relief
cheeks stained of tears, the beauty's nearly done
you drown in petty grief

as the darkened dwells, and you lean on my shoulder
sorrow sobs echo in my ear
This has taken your life
This has wakened your fear
Being alone,
With no one to hear

you clutch at my selves
and you scream weakly in my face
you need to run away,
you need to leave this god awful place

staggering from me, not looking back
your head held high, though you don't know why
i reach out for your hand, but ofcorse i miss
you've reached the end of the street
to the blackened abyss

why do you run? why do you hide?
from the same old past you always deny
do you like wandering the streets alone?
just begging for sympathy
just longing for empathy
drunk in the city streets as you bitch and you moan
punching walls, your temper inching to ignite
fall to your knees
oh, how tender is the night

I don't really like it.
GOSH i am soooooooo negative haha.
"Honey. I want a new car... ra ra ra!" mother says.
father sighs, "we don't have the money, dear. Now go back to your sulking."
"WELL I WANT TO MOVE. I HATE THIS PLACE RA RA RA!" mother shouts and whines.
I raise my hand, "Parentals? mind STFU! You both are anoying and stupid. Get lives, please."
and then I roll eyes and walk back into my room.

GAH. I want ice cream. and friday. and my blonde foo dog (david, foo dog is a thing from an amazing book, so deal) and i want a blanket... RA.
and I want a hundered dollars and a cheese burger.