I Have to much free time...

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Am I suppose to guess or something?

I had two dreams last night, both were really disturbing.
I'm not really sure if they are suppose to mean something... if they are, I'd like to know what. Hum...

I missed the PEW PEW last night... a little depressing but OH WELL (fuck you, Soufl).

It's Saturday morning (even though it's 4 o'clock in the afternoon)and everyone else is doing far more interesting things than me. All I'm doing is eating nuked pizza like a lardass, reading serafina67, and listening to The Kooks (not to mention BLOGGING. *oh god, I need a life*). I'm falling in amor with Patch... It's horrible since he isn't real.. well maybe he is... IDK> -_-
but lucky me, I have a very blonde and most fly BF, who is epic in all things epic. So, sorry Patch, maybe in another life... if you're even real, that is.
Kaboom!Girl and I are going to attempt to work on the spanish project tomorrow, which I'm sure we will just mess around yet get work done magically at the same time.

I've been working on my book (because I'm going so slowly at the novel writing process) and I must say, there must be a zombie epidemic soon. If there's not, I will die so UN-happy and UN-satisfied. I mean, COME ON. The world is far too over-populated, some people turning into undead canibals wouldn't hurt. The whole reason I want there to be a zomibe epidemic is...
A. I wouldn't have to worry about college or having a job. My degree would be a Masters in Ass-kickery.
B. I would have a perfectly good reason to light things on fire, blow up cars, chop up human beings. Over-all, distroy everything. Because, hey. There's zombies out there trying to harvest my organs and turn me into a meat pie.
C. NO MORE RAP/ BAD LAME MUSIC. All the rappers will get the zombie virus from the
50$-a-pop striphore they pick up anyway. So go ROCK AND ROLL!!!
D. Do I need a license? Nope.

Enough said?