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So, I went to *SOME STORE* and bought *SOME PRESENT* for *SOMEONE* and I got thee strangest looks from the cashier and people in line around me... but it was very much worth the "are you serious?" stares on people's faces.
HA. Today, in pe dance, written on the board was "Surprise Class" and we were informed that instead of doing dancie smancie things for the day, we would being in the supervision of the regular pe teacher, Mr. V, who taught me last year. That's not the best part though. The BEST part is that the regular pe class would take dance for the day. And though I don't care much for the 4th period pe class, the 5th period pe class however... My BF [DAVID(such epic capitalization)] has that class, and to see him dance would really just make my day.

~Tessa is ahhchooing in a field of flowers, as she blows up canada with her mind, on tuesday.
~She would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for Nico and his amazing bazooka/machete/guitar/core-novel/airplane/walkie-talkie.
~David snogged a mailbox while on the news, canadian children blew up into little tiny pieces.
~Amanda and Nico raced to canada in their shag-mobile, but they were too late...
~David had already stolen all the dead canadians mailboxes.

wow, this went no where.
David doesn't actually steal nor snog mailboxes, just throwing that out there.
Plus, I am way better than a mailbox!

Okay, must I remind myself to wear my most constricting rubber bands, so my teeth will be all *sparkle sparkle* and braces-free.

What I wish I was doing this second. :(