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Woah woah woah woah woah.

Now, when I say, "arrgg, I come from a long line of pirates. On my mother's side of course." Somehow, I don't really understand why, but people raise their eyebrows and back away slowly... ha ha, this I find funny. See, I raise my eyebrows all the time when people do odd, or rather dumbly humorous things. But, you can't see my eyebrows on account of my hair. It's brilliant. I can just raise my eyebrows, widen my eyes, and wrinkle my nose, but the whole facial expression is unseen to the person preforming this weird task (let's say, making odd noises as they do jumping jacks).

So, my awesome, rather annoying bangs aside, does anyone on this planet watch Castle besides me? It's an amazing show, but the view rate among most people I know is pretty low. Which isn't good, because rumor has it, they are stopping after this season. That would most definitely break my heart.

Okay! So yesterday, well it was an interesting day. And by interesting, I mean FUCKING SPECTACULARLY EPICFUL AND FILLED WITH AWESOMENESS. So, we had a Zombieland/Hot Fuzz movie night shin-dig at Nico's batcave. In my opinion, two of thee best movies ever made. We also threw knives, which I must say, completely badass. Amanda is practically flawless in they way she throws, and when she did, I imagined the target transforming from a hay stack to the Twilight cast, and Amanda nailed Robert Patterson right between the eyes. I gave Nico twelve inch nails as a late birthday present a while back and I finally got to see them whizz through the air as he threw. And then, as we went to retrieve the knives and arrows from Nico's crossbow, we found all of them except one of Amanda's throwing knives. We searched around, but when nothing turned up we resulted to plan B.

Using a hatchet, Nico hacked at the hillside, on a quest to find his Love's knife, but he came up with nothing. Then, David just took the hatchet from Nico and decided to cut at everything, including a random tree stump. So, they both did this as Amanda and I just watched, anticipating that David will most likely cut off his hand. But, luckily he managed to not hurt himself.

And before all of this, Amanda and David gave me birthday knives! And yeah, WOW. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you... I can go on forever and it still won't show my full happiness and appreciation. Ahh, David's is stuck open for some unknown reason, and I'm attempting to unstick it, but I'm scared I'll just screw it up!

Tonight is Tessa's play! I shall get ready and head over to her place, I'm rather excited because I know she'll do amazing.

So, here's a story.

I wrote this a while back, it's a vampire novel that I dropped when Twilight killed vampires. I'm not posting everthing, but here's a taste.


read it, but don't judge my knew book, Spooks, off of this please. They are two completely different styles and ways of writing, and the stories have nothing in common. Also I wrote this a very long time ago.