I Have to much free time...

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Emotional Status: happy :] yet.. wanting monday already...
Phsyical Status: bwwaaa! My hair :/also, I think I should run more...
Current Love(s): serafina67 *urgently requires life* (british humor is BLOODY BRILLIANT), my new shoes :) (petal dusty pink patin leather T-strap flats *girly, I know..*), The Bravery (paticularly the Sun version of the album porque they are ingenius when using acoustic incline), emeraldy green nail polish (last minute UO buy), and of course My ALLIANCE. (and David, too.)

So, I feel slightly UN-grounded.
My mother is being like incrediblly nice and very *ass kissy*, it's really confusing, but I'll go with it.

I went to delamo afterschool with wolfmother and we were *ra ra ra HUNGER, she would have strangled something if we didnt eat soon. So, we ran into the nearest carnage cabana, to find ourselves in PF Chang's. I can't really tell if it's fancy or overated, probably both, but it was fucking amazing. The waiter was like, "You look like some girl I met in summer camp!" and then I raised my eyebrows because the dude was like forty, which from my "umm GRAPE" stare he corrects himself by saying "When I was in middle school... along long very long time ago, back when..." By this time, I tuned out to what he was saying completely and I began to think about what we learned in chemistry, and how it made no sense at all. Why? Why make us learn something that not even chemists need to know??? BITCH. Grr. And my chem teacher is such a cockblock. Just because your boyfriend doesn't like to hold you and keep you warm, doesn't mean you make everyone else suffer! GOSH. *opens lighter fluid and pours it on chem teacher's labtop* Shall we blow shit up? *takes out matches* Ooo, pretty colors. *lights labtop on fire and laughs as chem teacher crys*
Am I evil?

Lots of my glorious money that I should have saved, but whoops.
BUT, the clothes I got = YES.
Silky lacey baby blue bow top.
The amazing T-strap flats.
Ruffled dusty pink vest.
Ligght cobalt danity top.
Greeny blue nail polish.
Rinse wash "00" skinny jeans [I'm thin again, score!].
Grayish and Blackish tights.
Amazing new lipgloss.
Retro, very vintage yellow lace bra and match undies. (SUCCESS)
Ahh.. yes...
clothing :)

(things I feel like I'm doing)
...invading David's personal bubble to much? am i? CONFUSION. am I clingy? hummm...
I hope not. Really, when chembitch called us out, I thought "OH NO" I just felt too laoqncop983a v8qbas;ds';d(on top of him)liauhfisuew. It's so different with David than Charlie, in a really really good way. I feel like he cares :)

humm... I wonder if he misses me just as much as I miss him...


I want to ride a motorcycle! zooom.