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Yes, I have started a blog. For all of you who don't know me, I'm Skylr/Sky/Ta/Rose Vintage/Skyvenom/Hazel/Violette Venom/Spider/That old thin girl, who lurks around saying strange things and constantly making weird noises. Yeah, now go begin the whole first step in the stalker's handbook and find me. Then just skip to step 665, and murder me, then use my remains as stuffing for your pillowcase.

So, today. Today was a good day, an interesting day, and a fast day, which all just relates to good, in my opinion. I slept in till 9, danced in my underwear till 9:30, and then scampered off to school around 10. I showed up rather late to PE dance. They were working on our "routine" for this unit, but it just looks like everyone in suffering from seizures or fell into a sink hole of poison ivy to me. My dance teacher scowled and told me I must retrieve this super duper special note from the attendance office, which is on a completely different end of school. So, I reluctantly went on the mission. On the way, I spotted the handi-capped elevator, it was open, which fed into my ADD like a shiny piece of tinfoil. Inside the open elevator was rather boring, though I did want to go inside, fear set in that it might close and not open again, then I would be trapped within, forever. But, of course, I debated whether not to go in for too long, because the doors closed.

I shrugged and made my way to the office, got my super amazing special person slip, and returned to dance class. But, before going back, I noticed the elevator doors were opened again. As I began to run to them, I stopped, flashed the metal automatic doors my lovely middle finger, and spun back around toward the gym.

I'm going to fast forward a bit, because this is getting slightly counterproductive.

My awesome superhero friend, Tessa, and I headed off to fifth period after she purchased her smelly tea. On the way, David Taylor ran up to us and accused me of not owning pants, which of course I do own pants, but he is very concerned for my body temperature. Then, Tessa fled, to where I don't know.

Fifth period has to be my most boring of the six classes I have. In that class today, we had a sub, which made things go by slower, since all was given to us was a word search.

That class ended, after what seemed like weeks.

Lunch was mostly just rainy. It pitter pattered rhythms, which usually makes me want to write a song. I'll admit I was cold, but not to the extent that David and James made it out to be. But, having someones arm around me so I can suck away some of their warmth is always nice, so hey, I'm not complaining.

I gave Daviiiiiddddd a piece of my birthday pie, which he denied and I sent it away, far away, to rot on the top of the row of lockers. Then he gave me a splendid leather jacket, which fit! And was pretty badass.
Now comes chemistry class, my 6th period.

It's always a rather life draining class, but we changed seats and so now I am at a lab station with David and James. I don't really do much in that class, but I hate copying other people's work, so lose/lose for me!

Okay, so fast forwarding again...

David tried to save my hair with his binder as we left to his locker when school ended. The rain. It was so weak, but somehow soaked to my bones. I was about to venture to meet my mother, so I may rejoice in the heat of our truck, when just then, David, in a ninja -like most stealthily way, asked me out.

I felt instantly warmer, and said yes, because he's pretty cool and all. Then I ran away, into the rain alone, mud building at my heels. My mom awaited a few blocks away and as I opened the passenger door, a wave of heat blasted into my face, and then I basked in my seat, knowing I would have a good day tomorrow.

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